Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fun Halloween Makeup Face Charts

Are you feeling a tad bit uninspired this Halloween? Well, you won't after you take one gander at these amazing face charts from 2nd Love Cosmetics! They're sooo hot right now...

Let's talk for a hot second about this matte blush palette which consists of 10 amazing to-die-for blush colors. We will be using several colors from it this weekend for the costume parties we're attending.  That bright pink is hot and the red blush is really hard to find! The pictures are nothing compared to the real life pigment it rocks. It is quite lovely. We'll also be using it on clients who have some swaggy shindigs to attend. Should we have some good reception, we shall tweet the loveliness that takes place!

Matte Blush Palette, $11.99
Get it here.

Glow Gloss, $3.99 each
Get it here.
Another really cool product 2nd Love Cosmetics makes is Glow-in-the-Dark Lip Gloss!

Go on... don't be scurrred & confused to look awesome. You'll love it. We promise. Don't even get me started on its "doesn't hurt my wallet" price point. 2nd Love also ships for free any purchases over $25. Sham wow! More awesome sauce, please...

1 comment:

  1. ooooh! Love the face charts! And glow in the dark lip gloss!? What the WHAT!? Lol Sounds fun!!


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