Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tatum Tuesday, Halloween Style

This Halloween...
Make your own keep calms here.
I <3 guys who sparkle
Channing Tatum in Entertainment Weekly
Photo by Gavin Bond via UnwrappedPhotos
Okay now. Obviously I love the movie Twilight & have zero problems with anyone associated with this movie. Typically I'll watch it & then become all "woe is me" because this type of love is just so unrealistic. Man lovers, please stop comparing your men to Edward. I mean, continue glittering yourself up by all means. But Bella's mom is soooo right when she says their love is just so intense. Could you even imagine in real life Edward speeding up to you in a car so fast, like all the time, stalker style? This relationship would also have to endure some really boring dinner dates. What do you mean you're not going to friggin' eat? Are you calling me fat as I order & eat this salad since you're eyeing me down like a hawk? Honestly, I want a steak. That's it. I'm becoming anorexic since you're also probably counting my chews since you're not friggin' eating. Sorry to go off on tangents, but I've got bacon & steak on the brain. Did I mention I'm going as a carnivore for Halloween?! No costume needed. Just the entire supply of McDonald's drive thru bacon for 99 cents. Who else thinks this clever drive thru idea is ahhh-mazing? It's the best idea since the invention of the wheel. But that's neither here nor there. Back on point. I've honestly seen the movie Twilight hundreds of times, yet have never once noticed any of this due to R Patz totes gorgey-ness:

Lols! Now, in honor of #TatumTuesday, take a gander in this below direction. Enjoy! And just for the record, CT is the king of all twerkers. Word. Sham wow. And awesome sauce.

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  1. Lol....awww I LOVE everything Twilight and not ashamed to say so...or shout so!!! Actually its about time for a dreary Saturday Twilight marathon! I <3 Edward! LOL


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