Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Birthday, Edith Head!

For those of you who looked at this morning, you shall see Google Doodle celebrating the seriously iconic costume designer's birth! If she were still with us, she would be 116 years young today. Any who, did you know the character Edna Mode from Disney The Incredibles movie was modeled from her likeness? How cool is that, dahhling?!

Any who, Ms. Head won over eight Academy Awards. That's more than any other woman, Wikipedia quotes.

So, it only makes sense that her client list includes: 

Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis, Shirley MacLaine, Barabara Stanwyck, Natalie Wood & Anne Baxter. 

How amazing would it of been to met and personally designed these actresses?!

Below are some of my favorite Edith quotes: 

What a costume designer does is a cross between magic and camouflage. We create the illusion of changing the actors into what they are not. We ask the public to believe that every time they see a performer on the screen he's become a different person.

I'm going to take it home and design a dress for it.  
- on winning her fifth Oscar in 1954

You can lead a horse to water and you can even make it drink, but you can't make actresses wear what they don't want to wear.

I have yet to see one completely unspoiled star, except for Lassie.

Enjoy your day, loves. 
Be inspired, without capes on, of course!

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