Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thor Thursday, Opa Parent Style

FabKids New Members, $20 off
FabKids, 3 pc- $39.95


FabKids, 3pc- $39.95
Join the club here.

Now click here for more funny parents singing & guess what?! It's a playlist ;o) "I'm a Daddy" on the playlist is really cute, too. And he knows it.

Hey. We're just trying to make you at work probably more productive than resolution talks regarding the government shutdown. Debt ceiling? Schmebt schmeiling. What up, babes? Boss, look at me now, not doing a thing, watching videos... and gettin' yo' payyypurrrr. Or dear hubby, look at me now, not folding your clothes, watching videos... and gettin' yo' payyypurrr.

Click here for a really cute mommy parody to "When you say nothing at all"...


Furthermore, outfit your kids with FabKids. All the collections are mix and match. So, even if you're a dad who can't manage to match your kids correctly, just invest in some of these total time savers. Both your wife and kids will thank you for it. Trust me. You can find other ways to embarrass your kids. Like walking them to class. Then kissing them in front of their friends. Or uploading your raps to YouTube.

Happy #ThorThursday

PS- MikeWillMadeIt actually and factually did not make this post.            

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